Corporate and Project Financing Framework

Following the recent crisis, we firmly believe that the values of Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism plus a real willingness to work with clients in delivering value added solutions, will contribute and establish the trust necessary in creating a winning formula for the client.

At Azurite Capital, we believe in being H.I.P.

Azurite Capital is a leading independent corporate advisory firm with offices in Singapore, Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

Our team brings a vast array of experience across various markets in the corporate finance industry, to provide the highest quality advice and support to companies and their stakeholders facing a wide range of funding, operational and strategic challenges.

With offices and affiliations in the world's leading financial centers, we assist clients ranging from startups to large companies to deliver customized solutions addressing funding requirements, restructuring and complex cross-border transactions.

azure sunrise

The colour azurite blue is reflective of the birth of a new day, and Azurite Capital is symbolic of a fresh new approach to financial advisory services, in a region, which is destined to out-perform all other markets in the future.