We combine local knowledge and expertise with the ability to provide global perspectives and access into the capital markets around the world.

We have a range of associations and alliances with independent advisory firms in Europe, North America and Asia which enable us to offer our clients the benefits of an international network.

We provide independent financial and strategic advice on the full gamut of corporate finance activities, including:

Mergers & Acquisitions

Azurite Capital has experience on both buy-side and sell-side and strives to deliver superior outcomes for its clients in challenging and complex circumstances.

Capital Raising

Unlike integrated investment banks and stockbrokers, Azurite Capital does not operate a broking arm. This ensures that we have no conflict when deciding where to look for new capital or how to price the issuance of new securities. Our focus is solely on raising the new capital at the lowest cost available to the client.

Our reputation and long track record means that we have developed strong relationships with a significant number of local and international investors.

Capital Management and Restructuring

Unique problems often require unique and bespoke solutions. Azurite Capital works closely with its clients to identify and solve short and long term problems.